Current and recent clients

ProExport Colombia  (Country product image)
The Republic of China  (Country product image)
Thailand (Crisis management and country product image)
Royal Philips Electronics (Marketing communications counseling; media seminars; media and platform preparation; media   relations; and materials development)
Simplexis (Strategy and implementation of complete PR program)
Heartland Air (Media and platform preparation; presentation development)
Artec International (Materials development)
Elitegroup Computer Systems (Marketing communications; and materials development)
Twinhead International Corp. (Marketing communications; and materials development)
South Africa Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (Public affairs)
United States Enrichment Corp. (Public affairs)
Maxmed Technologies (Media relations and materials preparation)
The Benefit Capital Companies (Strategic marketing  development and implementation.)
Women’s Research and Education Institute (Materials development and website management)

National Council of Women's Organizations (Website development)
Older Women’s League  (Marketing and membership development)

The Alliance for National Defence (Website development, newsletter)



(All logos are the property of the respective companies.)