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Platform and media preparation

This aspect of public relations is sometimes called training. Actually, preparation is a more accurate description: ICI media and platform preparation clients bring significant communications skills to the table. Our job is to help hone those skills in order to help the client make clear, concise and effective statements to the media or to platform audiences -- and to answer questions in a calm, informative manner.


Great communicators and great orators are not ‘made’ in a day.  So, while ICI media and platform preparation teaches general presentation skills, it is most effective when targeted toward a specific upcoming occasion – a presentation, press conference, interview or speaking engagement – where preparation can be tailored to a tangible, imminent event.


At client facilities or at an off-site venue selected to mesh with an executive’s upcoming media or speaking engagement, ICI specialists conduct individual and small group sessions in both media and platform speaking preparation.


Sessions usually involve mock interviews and news conferences, as well as preparation and delivery of sample speeches. Through role-playing, videotape playback and critique as well as discussion, client executives learn how to make media encounters positive for them and their organizations, and how to put an audience at ease and in a receptive mood to hear the executive's message. This is preceded by a brief seminar on the role of the media, the headline and deadline imperatives of reporters, what media representative look for in interviews and the techniques they employ to get a story – often taught by working reporters.


The ICI partners bring unique experience and perspective to the Media and Platform Preparation arena.


Jared Cameron has led a unit whose clients include names you know and likely see on the nightly news, senior corporate executives, diplomats, a former governor of Virginia and a former Vice President of the United States.


David Lightle – in Asia as well as in the United States – has coached senior government officials, corporate executives in communication with the media while acting as a mentor for a generation of Asian communications specialists as part of his country and corporate image practice.


The foreign language skills and cultural sensitivity coming from four decades of combined experience living and working in Asia and Europe provide the ICI partners with unrivaled credentials for preparing non-native English speakers for media encounters and speaking engagements.