Public Affairs

Public affairs and government relations


"Congress shall make no law … abridging … the right of the people … to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." — from the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America


The word lobbyist and the verb to lobby are in disrepute these days.


Yet the right of every American to lobby, to petition the Government for a redress of grievances, is enshrined in the First Amendment to the constitution on the same level as freedom of speech, religion and assembly.


But to effectively petition for the redress of grievances – whether you are protecting the interests of your organization from ill-considered policy or seeking to improve society by supporting much-needed changes in social policy – you gotta know the territory!


Power and decision making are widely dispersed in official Washington. Knowing when, where and how to present a case takes experience and an understanding of the complexity of the U.S. government. That is where ICI can be of service.


The late Clark Clifford was a highly influential American lawyer who served Presidents Truman, Kennedy, Johnson and Carter, serving as Secretary of Defense in the Johnson Administration.


An old – perhaps apophrycal – story relates the tale of a business executive who retained Clifford to fight a government regulation that might have destroyed his company.


Clifford picked up his phone, called the head of the regulatory body, explained the unintended consequences of the proposed regulation and received a commitment to change the language in a manner favorable to his client.


Then – so the story goes – Clifford hung up the phone, announced the problem was solved and wrote out a bill for $10,000 -- big money in those simpler times..


“Isn’t $10,000 a bit high for a five-minute phone call?” the executive asked?


“It’s $50 for the phone call and $9,950 for knowing whom to call,” Clifford replied.


The point is: Knowing Washington from Capitol Hill to the White House -- and all the departments, agencies and bureaus in between-is essential if a company, industry or issue coalition is to present its case effectively.  In other words, you gotta know the territory.


ICI partners and our senior consultants do know the territory.


Jared Cameron is a ‘child of Capitol Hill,’ and worked on both House and Senate staffs, served as an administration congressional liaison officer, ran statewide campaigns for national office, has run for public office and has headed public affairs programs for national organizations and countries.


With the background, ICI is prepared and well-equipped to perform strategic planning and execution government relations programs, provide a valuable ‘second opinion’ on your organization’s plans or undertake specific assignments coordinated by the your executives..


Among ICI public affairs services are:


  • Monitoring Congressional and Executive branch actions; analysis of trends; "early warning" about problems that may effect the client's business;
  • Assisting with presentations to federal offices, departments, agencies, bureaus;
  • Media strategies to support client positions on public policy issues;
  • Media briefings on client positions;
  • Mobilizing grassroots networks by assisting clients to enlist the support of their employees, shareholders, suppliers, customers and communities on issues of mutual importance;
  • Developing key contact networks of government relations activists among client executives;
  • Assisting with client testimony at Congressional hearings;
  • Advocacy