• Feng Sheng New Materials Co in Zhangzhou China, is a leading global specialty fluorine chemistry of joint venture, the only professional manufacturer of fluorine downstream integration which provides ODM and OEM service of fluoride materials in the world, Feng Sheng focuses on the research and development of fluorine specialty chemicals. A complete business architecture, committed to providing customers quality service and a wide range of applications, thus becoming the first choice business partner for international European, American and Japanese manufacturers of fluorine chemistry.

    Feng Sheng is always committed through its own innovation to achieve sustainable growth, the organization’s network of research and development, located in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province China, sales and operation sites are located in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Fujian and Taiwan’s around Greater China provide excellent technical services and supports.

    Feng Sheng based on new materials for several decades of experience in the field of specialty chemicals to develop business across five continents. The company has excellent professional independent research team, led by a group from chemical, mechanical, software, science, and electronics field, also the company is equipped with the sophisticated research and development laboratory equipment. Our results of the fluorine research projects have been widely used in various fields, electronics, textiles, automotive industry, leather industry, agriculture and other kinds of industries.

    Feng Sheng new materials special focus on the applications of fluorine materials are as follows

    Fluorocarbon water repellent oil repellent:

    Widely used in textile printing and dyeing industries and high-end synthetic leather industry

    Fluorine release agent:

    Used in resins, rubber and other industries with mold release agents in the filed of high-tech electronic materials processing applications

    Fluorine anti-fog agent:

    Additives used in agriculture and other anti-fog films Materials Applications

    Control key fluorocarbon materials

    fluorocarbon materials are chemicals emulsified polymerization, sulfonation, phosphorylation, esterification techniques and made of a synthetic intermediate of fluorine. The preceding fluorine intermediates are made from fluorite ore which China has the world’s most abundant contains fluorite resources, our company through group to grasp the material source of fluorine intermediates and downstream the integrated fluorine intermediates manufacturing process, with the end product by customer demand that is designed to reduce the back-end process time, cost. And finished products can be benified from actual integration, and reduce overall costs to bring the company’s products more competitive than others in the world.

    The R & D strengths (Taiwan and the United States)

    Fluorocarbon is a highly technical specialty chemicals, cutting-edge technology, R & D personnel in Taiwan and the United States combined fluorine in organic synthesis techniques, fluorine polymer technology and organic molecules synthesis technology in recent years have developed the new products with high value added to meet customer demand, also contributed to the company growing. Research and development has always been the company’s most important part and the basis for the fluorine chemistry applications to develope products to meet the market demand, the company cultivate high-quality R & D team members are master and above, with their relevant industry experience background to provide customers real-time, completed, advanced products and services to bring the company’s continued growth.

    Quality and environmental management certification

    ISO 9001 international quality certification and ISO 14001 environmental management certification passed, and Sony Green Partner certification, and was carried out in 2012 while Bluesign and other relevant certification is to show endless development through environmental protection. Our quality policy: "Research and innovation, sustainable improvement, quality first, service first!" Feng Sheng work with clients through continuous quality improvement and meet the requirements of laws and regulations, providing customers with the most satisfactory products and services! Our company’s environmental policy: "! Sustainable improvement of environmental performance, ensure business success", all employees work together to create high-quality products, at the same time we will focus on pollution prevention with best work quality and compliance with government regulations requirements, for good environmental protection can provide employees a safe and healthy working place !