• Innovation and Research

    Feng Sheng new materials research center provides solutions for fluorine chemical market in the Greater China region with challengers from the world. The R&D center brings together a group of fluorine chemistry research expertise with market-oriented application development capabilities to different demands by rapid optimization of molecules based on different technologies, products and solutions. It also promotes the creativity of employees with positive innovation.

    Nearly a hundred leading chemists and engineers collaborative work for R & D units , based on customer demand with fruitful professional technical and fluorine materials to reach the goal, also enrich Feng Sheng chemical technology resources.

    In China, our R & D team helps to push human progress for a number of industries which work the development of innovative solutions. Our fluoride raw material as the foundation of fluorine-related and specialty chemicals for textile sections provide environmentally protective coatings, synthetic leather to enhance comfort and protection, to ensure the advantages of the agricultural industry with related anti-fog applications, as a release coating for the fields of electronics and industrial to bring significant contributions. From textiles, electronics industry to agriculture, Feng Sheng covers all products, new materials research and development activities in the Greater China region carried out sustainable improvement through the Asia-Pacific region, to enhance the quality of life of people around the world.